Established in the year 2009 as an emerging leader in cutting edge technology for web applications, over the years has evolved to offer technology consulting companies and other organizations, reliable, high quality alternatives to in-house resources for software development, application design, and product integration.

Wincent develops high-end solutions and envisions to become a true global leader in technology that synchronizes time and convenience. In addition to professional solutions, our hitech products and services also aim at providing quality support through innovative enhancements. We believe in delivering products and services of excellence, through living and creating a culture of shared leadership and accountability 'for profits and the people'. Wincent promotes its clients competitive edge through leading-edge technology and software, and fosters the growth of electronic commerce. We will empower our clients to capitalize fully on the opportunities created by the development of a worldwide system of e-commerce.

We will through our Product Innovation Unit (PIU) strive to promote digital opportunities enabling our clients reap the full potential of the networked economy. Most of the products will be geared to enhance the revenue model of a business and our clients will experience the advantages almost instantaneously. The PIU will in most of its designs accentuate the simplicity of delivering innovative and interactive services. Our research and development team spurs innovation and sustains our growth and competitiveness in this highly charged marketplace. We plan to invest a major portion of our profits to our R&D efforts.

At People Link we don't just fill requisitions - we provide our clients human capital solutions